Preparing to tow your car to a junkyard? Follow these steps

If you have an old or permanently damaged car, you may be considering getting some value for it via a junkyard. Junkyards can use what's left of your vehicle for scrap metal or recycled parts. However, most people don't know what they should do in preparation for having their vehicle towed.

Here are 3 important steps that you should take before the towing service arrives on your property to haul away the damaged car.

1. Arrange for the removal of hazardous items

Depending on the junkyard you're selling the car to, you may be responsible for removing some potentially hazardous items from your vehicle. Such items include lead-acid batteries, engine oil, broken glass, airbags and damaged tyres.

If you'll need to remove these items yourself, make sure you can safely handle the process. Otherwise, have a mechanic remove these items for you before the tow truck arrives. If you choose a reliable junkyard, they should be able to remove these items themselves after towing the vehicle.

2. Get the title documents ready

When selling your car for scrap, you're essentially transferring ownership of the vehicle to the junkyard service. Therefore, you will need a valid title to the car so as to facilitate the transaction. If you still had insurance coverage on the vehicle, prepare to have it cancelled or transferred to another vehicle you may own.

Legally transferring ownership during the sale process is important. Remember that you still remain responsible for the vehicle until you legally sell it. If you deal with a junk service that doesn't legally purchase the car from you, you may remain responsible for any damages the car might cause down the road.

3. Remove any personal items and valuable components

If you owned your vehicle for many years, chances are that you have your personal belongings stuffed all over it. Take time to remove old clothes, CDs, aftermarket stereos, seat covers, floor mats and any special modifications you may have made to the vehicle.

If you had special tyres, custom rims, or new brakes that you had installed, you should also retrieve these and sell them to get a few extra dollars before the tow truck arrives.

Also make sure you check for important documents in the dashboard and the glove compartment. It's important to remove all your valuables early, as you may not be able to retrieve them once the tow truck arrives and hauls away your vehicle.