Mine Spec Vehicle Hire Tips

Mine spec vehicles are ideal for people than need to access mines or travel through challenging off-road conditions. Unlike the standard 4WD vehicles, mine spec trucks come with safety and performance upgrades to ensure you have an easy time driving off-road. Read this guide for some tips on how to hire mine spec vehicles. 

Type of Vehicle

Your first task is to choose an appropriate vehicle. Most mine-spec vehicles are either SUVs or pickup trucks. SUVs have a large seating capacity (up to seven passengers), while pickup trucks can carry heavy mining equipment. Consider the manufacturer. Typically, the vehicle should be manufactured by companies with years of experience in making 4WD vehicles. Conduct some internet research and consult other miners to identify suitable brands. 

Engine Performance

Mine spec vehicles have varying engine capacities. For example, some will come with a 2,000cc engine rating, while others will have up to 6,000cc. Your needs will determine the engine rating. For example, a 2,000cc can drive through moderate conditions. However, you will need more power if you intend to carry heavy machines and tow other vehicles at the mine. You should also check the vehicle's fuel consumption. It ensures that you do not get stranded due to an empty fuel tank. 

Safety Features

Assess the vehicle's safety features. For example: 

  • The vehicle should have functional safety belts, airbags, and a roll cage to prevent injuries in case of an accident.
  • The truck should have a warning light and LED lights to ensure visibility at the site.
  • The truck should have a heavy-duty winch and recovery tracks to be used if the vehicle gets stuck. A tow bar will help you haul trailers and other cars at the mining site.
  • The vehicle should have emergency equipment such as tire repair kits, walkie-talkies, and road flares. In addition, look out for fire extinguishers and first aid boxes. They will come in handy in case of an accident.

Terms of Hire

Examine the terms and conditions of the hiring company. For instance, what is their liability policy? Some companies will provide on-site repair and maintenance services. However, you may have to pay for repairs if you intentionally damage the truck. Inquire whether the company will allow you to extend or terminate the hiring period. It is an essential consideration if you are not certain about how long you will need the truck. 

When hiring a mine spec vehicle, choose an appropriate model, assess the safety features, engine performance, and terms of hire. Contact a mine spec vehicle hiring service for more information.