What You Need to Know About New Electric Cars

Are you wondering whether it would be wise for you to buy an electric car? Read on and learn some valuable information that will help you to make an informed decision:

The Price

The cost of buying an electric vehicle is usually higher than the cost of buying a similar vehicle that is powered by an internal combustion engine. This higher cost may be a result of the higher production costs that are incurred to source for the different components, such as batteries, from which these vehicles are made. However, this purchase price may reduce in case there are some energy-efficiency incentives that are offered by your government.

Range and Performance

One unmistakable attribute of electric vehicles is that they accelerate instantly once you step on the accelerator pedal. This is a stark difference with combustion engine vehicles that have some lag in picking up speed from a starting position. The distance that each electric vehicle can travel before its battery pack requires recharging depends on the kilowatt-hour rating of those batteries. It is, therefore, prudent for you to compare the range or battery rating of different electric vehicles before you select one to buy.


Electric vehicles come equipped with the various safety features, such as ABS braking systems and stability control systems, which are common in combustion engine vehicles. The safety risk profile of electric vehicles isn't any higher than that for other types of vehicles. You should, therefore, have no concerns that there are any additional fire or electrical hazards in electric cars.


Electric cars usually have more space for both storage and passengers when compared to fossil-fuel vehicles. This additional room comes from the extra space available due to the absence of an engine. The interior will, therefore, have more leg room for the passengers. However, the cargo capacity may be limited by the maximum carrying capacity of the electric vehicle. You should, therefore, compare the cargo rating of different models if you are concerned about how much you can carry in this vehicle.

The Total Cost of Ownership

The higher initial cost of acquiring an electric vehicle is more than compensated for by the minimal maintenance that it requires. The added cost of charging your vehicle at home can be reduced by utilising the off-peak energy rates at night. Carmakers often avail charging stations in public locations. However, you may be required to pay a fee for the energy used at that public location.

Visit several suppliers of new cars and compare the different models of electric cars that are available. The car experts at those outlets will help you to decide whether you should buy an electric car or a fossil-fuel one.

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