4 Features of the Best Cold Air Intakes

You can improve the performance of your car by replacing its stock cold air intake system with a performance version. Read on and learn some of the features that you should pay attention to during your shopping exercise for this car part.

System Style

Cold air intake systems are of two major styles. The first is the short ram system. Such a system has a filter that is close to the engine. Short ram systems are more affordable to buy due to the smaller quantity of materials that are used to make them. They also require minimal plumbing. However, their proximity to the engine block can result in the intake of warmer air in case the engine is overheating. This can reduce the performance of the car due to the smaller volume of air that enters the engine in case air is heated. True cold air intakes have longer rams. Their filters are located far from the engine. This reduces the likelihood of taking in warm air. However, they tend to be more expensive than the short ram versions. Pick the style that will suit your budget and needs.

The Tube Material

The tube material plays a role in determining how cold the air will be as it enters the engine. Metallic tubes gain heat more readily than other materials do. It may therefore be better for you to opt for a cold air intake system that is made from composites or polyethylene instead of one made from aluminium. Transitions Find out how many tight turns or connections are in the tubing of the intake. Fewer transitions or turns allow more air to flow without any inhibitions or turbulence. This creates opportunities for better combustion in the engine. More transitions or connections achieve the opposite effect since air encounters obstacles on its way into the engine.

Water Shield/Enclosure

People who live in locations with plenty of rain or water should buy cold air intake systems that have a water shield or have an enclosure over them. Such a feature will prevent water from entering the engine as air is being sucked in. The cold air intake system that you select will do its work effortlessly for a long time if you keep the considerations above in mind. Talk to an expert in case you have special needs, such as altering the sound from the engine, which you may have prior to buying that new air intake. That expert will recommend an appropriate make or model that will address your needs.