Reasons to Replace Your Filthy Engine Air Filter in Good Time

A good number of car owners overlook the importance of engine air filters and how they affect engine performance. Engine air filters are vital when it comes to ensuring flow of clean air in your car engine. They protect the vital engine components from solid particulates like dust, pollen, bugs and other airborne debris, which can clog the engine over time. Timely replacement of dirty or dusty air filters is critical to ensuring optimal car performance and preventing engine repairs

Below are some essential reasons why you should replace a dirty engine air filter once it becomes dirty enough.

It is an easy-to-do and pocket-friendly job.

Compared to several other car engine parts, air filters are relatively much cheaper to buy. All you need to do to ensure you buy the right air filter for your engine is to consult your car's owner's manual to learn the kind of air filter your vehicle uses and then get one at a local auto parts dealership. Thereafter, you will need to locate and remove the old filter. 

The engine filters on most cars are located inside a casing in front of/on top of the engine. The casing is normally held in place with screws, so you will need a screwdriver set to remove the screws. If the screws have been used together with metal clips, you might need a butter knife to unmount the clips. 

After you've removed the case, take out the old filter and replace it with the new one. Then, close the casing once again. Walla! You're good to go! In case you lack the time or confidence to replace your engine air filter yourself, a mechanic can always make light work of the job at an affordable cost.

It improves fuel consumption. 

Do you think that your car is too thirsty? Every car owner would want to increase their car's fuel efficiency. One effective way of boosting fuel mileage is ensuring your car's air filters are free of dirt build-up. 

When the air filters are clogged, airflow into your car engine is inhibited. This affects the car's emission control system resulting in poor air-fuel mixture. Consequently, your car is likely to use up more fuel while increasing emissions. 

Replacing clogged air filters improves gas mileage while reducing emission by allowing for optimal airflow within your car engine. 

Replacing dirty air filters is critical to ensuring optimal engine performance, minimising car repairs and extending the lifespan of your engine. As always, you can hire a qualified mechanic to do the job for you.