Driving Habits That Will Kill Your Car Battery

One of the problems faced by many car owners in Australia is shortened battery life. Contrary to what most car owners think, car battery failure is rarely caused by manufacturing defect — bad driving habits are the more probable culprits. Steer clear of these habits if you want to enjoy reliable service from your car battery and get maximum service life from it. Regular use of electronic add-ons Your battery provides the power required to start your car, but it usually powers more than just the vehicle. Read More 

Make the Most of Your Time in Driving School with These Tips

People go to driving school so they can learn how to drive safely, but also to increase their chances of passing the driving test the first time. If you are going to driving school anytime soon, here are some essential tips you can follow to make the time you spend in driving school as fruitful as possible. Know how you learn best. Do you learn best by reading and listening to the pros or are you more of a hands-on learner? Read More 

The Benefits of Training and Retaining a Truck Driver

Many small automotive companies are affected by seasonal demand and other business cycles which demand that they hired temporary workers during busy periods and lay them off during the quiet season. However, it is important to retain a small section of dedicated full-time staff who act as the backbone of the business. Below is a guide to why one member of this team should be a truck driver. Temporary vs. permanent staff  Read More 

Moving Heavy Haulage – Tips for New Drivers on Transporting Heavy Haulage

If you're a newly qualified driver of heavy goods vehicles and about to undertake your first job transporting heavy cargo across the country, you'll want to ensure that your reputation for professionalism is secured from the outset. These tips will help you increase your awareness of the entire moving process, making the journey safer and allowing you to complete the job well. Plan and Prepare for the Job Preparation and planning for any large project are essential if you want a job to go well. Read More 

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Truck Wheel Alignment

If you drive any type of truck, even a light-duty passenger truck, you want to ensure you take proper care of the tyres, so that they can provide the traction needed for controlling a heavier vehicle. Having tyres properly aligned is, of course, important for any vehicle, but especially when the tyres are standing up to the added weight and pull of a truck. To ensure your truck's tyres are always in good repair, note a few commonly asked questions about truck wheel alignment, and then you can know when to take your truck in for tyre servicing and repair. Read More