Reasons to Replace Your Filthy Engine Air Filter in Good Time

A good number of car owners overlook the importance of engine air filters and how they affect engine performance. Engine air filters are vital when it comes to ensuring flow of clean air in your car engine. They protect the vital engine components from solid particulates like dust, pollen, bugs and other airborne debris, which can clog the engine over time. Timely replacement of dirty or dusty air filters is critical to ensuring optimal car performance and preventing engine repairs. Read More 

Looking To Rebuild Your Alternator? Here Are a Few Factors You Should Consider

The alternator in your car is very special as it helps in converting energy from the mechanical state to an electrical one. Every time your engine is on, alternators are always running as well. Alternators should be performing at the very best to meet the electrical needs of your car such as recharging the battery. Alternators break down every now and then after being used for a while. This calls for buying a new one, re-manufacturing or rebuilding the current one. Read More 

4 Features of the Best Cold Air Intakes

You can improve the performance of your car by replacing its stock cold air intake system with a performance version. Read on and learn some of the features that you should pay attention to during your shopping exercise for this car part. System Style Cold air intake systems are of two major styles. The first is the short ram system. Such a system has a filter that is close to the engine. Read More 

Why Tyre Choice Is Crucial for Your Off-Road Adventure

Did you know that the majority of roads in Australia are unpaved or dirt? Most of the surfaced roads are to be found in the heavily populated coastal belt areas, but if you're somebody who likes an adventure, then you know that the "good stuff" is in the bush. Now that you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle and some spare time on your hands, you might want to take the bull by the horns and do some real exploration. Read More 

Why It Is Now Much Easier to Import a New Car to Australia

In recent years, there have been huge changes to the domestic automobile manufacturing industry in Australia. Many vehicles that were previously household names have simply ceased to exist and some people believe that there is not enough choice in the marketplace, any more. If you've been looking around and don't like what you see in a typical showroom, you may be thinking about importing a vehicle from overseas. If that's the case, there's good news for you as recent changes to the law have made this a whole lot easier. Read More